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LeadEx –we develop, manufacture and distribute world-class surveillance camera and Multiple technology sensors. 
It is our passion to be successful by making those whom we work with professional and niche direction. 
we are specialized in manufacturing and designing the rugged cameras for industrial, marine, Military and hazardous area applications. the main products including:
Ex-proof ROBO camera
IR Laser ROBO camera
Thermal ROBO camera
PowerView Plus Long Range Fog Penetration PTZ camera Series
Long Range Thermal PTZ Camera Series
Handheld thermal camera Series
Ex-Proof Microwave Detector
LeadEx products had been winning worldwide popularity which had been proved with many successful high security applications like in airport, ships, marine, Military tanks, harbors, oil field, mining, power stations, etc...
Our Advantage:
International brand
Excellent design
Military level materials and components
Professional manufacturer
Strict simulation test
Customizable products options
Best technical and aftersale service
Cost-effective price and project protection
LeadEx System Company Limited
European Laboratory
LeadEx Detection Company Limited
(Shenzhen)-Alarm detector
LeadEx Technical Support and Logistics Centre
(Hong Kong)
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